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Goddards Silver Polish Cloth UK

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Keep your silver clean and gleaming, with Goddards Silver Polishing Cloth UK. This soft cotton cloth has been impregnated with our own specially formulated silver polish and is designed to polish silver that is on display or in constant use.

Cotton Long-term silver polish cloth

Removes tarnishing from your silver

Leaves an unparalleled shine

Suitable for use on displayed silver, or silver that is in constant use

Powerful formula lasts longer than ordinary treatments

Quick and easy to use

No one enjoys watching their prize silverware and jewellery grow dull as time goes by - but now giving them that original sparkle has never been so easy, than with Goddarrds Silver Polishing Cloth. Goddards Silver Polish Cloth contains a special ‘Long Term' formulation that protects silver once it's clean and guarantees to maintain that rich lustre longer than ordinary cleaners.