Goddards silver dip gallon bottle and smaller tub of silver dip

How to use Goddards Silver Dip

How to use Goddards Silver Dip.

Goddards silver dip is ideal for cleaning difficult to clean silver items, either because of their size or shape, its perfect for cleaning Silver Cutlery

CAUTION: Always Ensure that Silver Dip never comes into contact with stainless steel.

Pour Silver dip in to suitable sized container for your items, If your Silver item is too large for dipping, simply swab the item with a cotton ball which has been soaked in Silver Dip.

Dip your silver into the Silver Dip until the tarnishing disappears.

Wash the silver item in soapy water and thoroughly rinse. Dry your silver with a soft lint free cloth.

Ensure after use you Wash your hands thoroughly.

For a brilliant long lasting shine, polish your silver with Goddard's Silver Cloth or Mitts immediately after cleaning.

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